is the son of


DOB: 25/08/2006 Colour: Solid Medium Fawn Stud fee: £450

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Year AFD SD CV %>30
2017 28.2 5.2 18.2 36.1
2016 26.3 5.0 19.1 19.2
2015 23.8 4.6 19.4 7.1
2014 24.5 4.5 19.5 7.2
2013 23.6 4.6 19.4 7.1











 All Fleece statistics are taken annually from a midside sample - tested at the Yocom- Mcoll Testing Laboratories, Inc  USA

BARRABINDA Flinders Star of TOFT (AUS)  is the Grandson of the legendary PURREMBETE El Dorado and son of the legendary PURREMBETE Inti.

BARRABINDA Flinders Star exhibits all the stature and presence of his famous bloodline. He has a very typey handsome head on a beautifully conformed strong boned frame. He is a unique extremely consistent mid to light fawn coloured alpaca with a  well organised bright, soft handling fleece. 

As you can clearly see from his fleece statistics Flinders Star at twelve years of age is still maintaining reasonable fineness and his CV and SD remain  impressive. This consistency and longevity of fineness and his impressive staple length are hugely poitive traits which happily have also been reflected in that of his offspring. 

Barrabinda Flinders Star was the sire of our Champion mid Fawn female TOFT Nashira who was the mother of TOFT Timogen our Champion Brown Male. Its all in the Genes and althogh he's not 13 years old he still has it in him to produce great alpacas.

His first offspring excelled in the showring in 2011 winning Championships at the BAS National Show the BAS Kenilworth Show. Check out the show records of his progeny to see the quality of the traits this male is passing onto his sons and daughters. Flinders Star 's offspring exhibit a fine well defined, well organised, reasonably dense, crimped fleece with very little guard hair. They all share their fathers classic conformation and some fine examples can be viewed at TOFT .


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