TOFT Bio security


We have virtually run a closed herd at TOFT  for a number of years.

We maintain strict quarantine protocols to protect the TOFT Herd and our clients alpacas whilst resident with us.

Our farm naturally splits into five separate areas split by a motorway and various internal roads. This in itself has enabled us to maintain a quarantine/isolation policy for a decade within the farm and with visiting alpacas and with our own alpacas which travel off farm.

We  have two  public footpaths and a bridleway which go through our paddocks. When we set up the majority of the alpaca farm, a decade ago, we double fenced these rights of way to enable vistors and the general public to walk safely and enjoy our alpacas separated from our herd.  This naturally created further separation between groups of alpacas within the main five blocks.

We have also run barbed wire at ground level around the perimeter of all the blocks. We monitor the perimeters monitor regularly for any intrusion by passing wildlife. We  block any observed intrusion into our paddocks immediately to prevent any habitual wildlife thinking they have a right to roam. 

In addition, within the natural separation of our blocks of paddocks we have also built two specialised quarantine facilities for visitors. These comprise of 32 adjoining smaller paddocks in two separate blocks which give us the ability to keep visiting alpacas in their own family groups when they visit for mating. This ensures that the only contact a visiting female has with another alpaca is with one of our males during mating. The two  isolation facilities  ensure that client animals whilst resident with us for mating can reside within their own family or friendship group in their own paddock under the illusion they are part of a larger herd.

The  only contact female alpacas have with any other alpaca during their stay with us will be with their chosen male during mating.

All the alpacas entering our own herd are Enferplex tested on the way in and subsequently spend three months in quarantine prior entering the herd.

All our alpacas who have attended shows spend at least a month in quarantine before rejoining their peers.

All alpacas who have been leased for mating are tested on the way back in and spend three months in the quarantine facilities before rejoining their peers.

All alpacas who have been perforimng mobile matings, live out the summer isolated  in quarantine.

We readily offer our clients within the UK the ability to pre movement blood test any purchased alpacas and isolate these alpacas as a family group prior to delivery.

We observe all the protocols for export and encourage our clients to have their alpacas blood tested as additional security.

We maintain these protocols to protect all the alpacas in our care and to manage any risk to the absolute minimum we can achieve.