TOFT Alpaca Stud is owned by Rob & Shirley Bettinson.

Shirley and I have been breeding alpacas for over 25 years, since the first improved imports arrived in the UK. We have continually sourced elite alpaca genetics from across the world in pursuit of excellence and sustainability. We offer sound guidance and realistic answers to all from the interested but uncommitted to those already smitten. We are happy to share our expertise with all alpaca breeders throughout the UK and Europe. We are very proud that our pedigrees now speak for themselves.


We aspire to the highest standards of alpaca welfare and husbandry. The TOFT herd is virtually run as a closed herd, and we maintain strict biosecurity regimes at all times. We have on-farm quarantine facilities for visiting alpacas and provide 24/7 support to all our clients. TOFT aspire to help you fulfill your own alpaca dream, whatever that may be.


We sell…

– Huacaya alpacas in all colours.
– Pregnant females mated to TOFT Stud males.
'Elite' show and breeding stock.
Pet, Gaurd, walking and therapy alpacas of all ages and colours.

We offer a limited number of 'Elite' 5th/6th generation alpacas for sale each season, and there are alpacas for sale to match all aspirations and budgets. We only sell BAS registered alpaca stock. Potential buyers are recommended to only buy BAS registered Alpacas. Only registered alpacas will maintain their value- Pedigree is everything in the modern Alpaca industry.

We advise all alpaca owners to join the Biritish Alpaca Society - only by being a member of the National Infrastucture for Alpacas can you protect your alpacas in  times of agricultural crisis or outbreaks of disease. Keep current and protect your alpacas.


We offer…

– On farm stud services.
– O
ff farm mobile stud services.
– Stud males for lease.
– P
roven stud males for sale.
– P
otential stud males for sale.

We only sell pedigree registered stock with proven genetics.


We offer…

– Practical introductory alpaca husbandry days for the uninitiatied.
– A
dvanced alpaca workshops and courses for the already smitten. 
– A
lpaca fibre workshops for both beginners and experienced breeders.
– A
lpaca fibre workshops for both showing and processing.
– B
espoke training days to suit your own needs and schedules.

We have selected the very best of alpaca genetics to create our herd. We are both BAS judges with over 25 yrs experience in alpaca breeding – why not let our experience be the platform for your success?


We breed alpacas throughout the whole spectrum of colours. We carefully select our fleece to produce high quality fibre with longevity of fineness, producing almost 600kg of luxurious alpaca fibre per annum. This is processed into quality knitting yarns which are sold under the TOFT brand.

All our fibre is processed in the UK and sold through the TOFT retail shop.


The TOFT Studio:- Creative director Kerry Lord has developed TOFT into a world renowned brand. TOFT excels in processing UK alpaca fibre into luxury knitting yarn alongside a range of luxury 100% wool products. TOFT Studio is home to Kerry Lord's best selling books and characters from Edward's Menagerie, Edward's Menagerie: Birds, Edward's Imaginarium, Edward's Menagerie:Dogs 

Alpaca knitting yarns, wool, accessories and gifts can be purchased online through the TOFT retail shop.


We provide on-farm livery (agistment) for those who want alpacas without the hassle, or those wishing to build their own herd. On-farm livery at TOFT means we will look after your alpacas as our own for a small fee. They are registered as yours, you make all the important decisions and cover any vet bills, and you have access to your alpacas any time you choose. On-farm livery allows you to buy a single female as the beggining of your alpaca dream.

On-farm livery is a way for those with busy city lives to gain entry and to enjoy a rewarding agricultural lifestyle with a difference. 


There are three public footpaths running through our farm. The paths are all double fenced enabling you and your dogs to admire the alpacas. You are free to explore the public footpaths and enjoy our alpacas any time you choose but please keep to the footpaths as we do not allow anyone into the paddocks without our permission.  


TOFT Alpaca Stud is on the shores of Draycote Water near the village of Dunchurch in North East Warwickshire. We are within shouting distance of the M45, M1 and M6 .

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Shirley and I are deeply committed to the development of sustainable British and Pan European Alpaca Industry. We offer sound guidance and realistic answers to the interested but uncommitted. We are happy to share our experience with those who have a serious interest in owning alpacas. We host half day husbandry workshops evey month from easter throgh to October. 

There will be no time wasted in a visit to TOFT Alpacas, only time shared and perspective gained. So make your move, begin your research and get in touch. Contact details can be found HERE.